Born in Eboli (SA), Italy, where he currently lives and where, since the years of his adolescence, he developed a love for the art of photography. Despite his overwhelming passion, he enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture, which he attended for four years before taking up Humanities. He graduated in Languages, Cultures and Institutions of the Mediterranean Countries at “L’Orientale” University, in Naples, with a specialisation in visual arts and performance. During those years he taught himself the art of photography and his research in the field never stopped. From the start, his attention turned to the creation of reportage with the intention of telling the accounts of everyday life or disregarded realities through images. In 2005 he started to engage with wedding photography, embracing a journalistic style that is the key to understanding his entire work. Therefore, he manages, with simplicity, to portray events in an elegant and spontaneous manner clearly visible in his portfolio, a collage of interesting images featuring social subjects in a photojournalistic style.